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Chef Nikhil Abuvala of Roux 30A & Nanbu Noodle Bar | 30A Eats

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

“My love of cooking has been with me as early as I can remember, standing in a chair rolling out fresh Indian flatbreads with my grandmother on a counter too tall for me to reach otherwise. The way she moved about the kitchen, like a general of an army commanding spices and herbs sparked a passion for food in me that is unmatched,” explained Chef Abuvala.

That passion and his love for the Gulf Coast brought Chef Abuvala home to South Walton in the spring of 2013 to open Roux 30A, a cozy and intimate 954 square-foot space in Grayton Beach. Abuvala has created a symbiotic relationship between the local farmers and fisherman on the plates presented, with a menu that is constantly evolving to keep current with seasonal availability.


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