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Our Story

Japanese Cuisine. Southern Flair.

"With so many incredible restaurants here that are inspired by rich, Southern-style cuisine, I wanted to bring a lighter flair to people."


It started with a love for really great Asian-style cuisine and a quaint beach town.

Inspired by its Southern roots, some big-city vibes,

and the desire for something new, fresh, and exciting,

Nanbu Noodle Bar was born.


After opening our doors in January of 2019,

we have since grown with the help of our amazing staff and people of 30A

to bring our delicious ramen, poké, sushi, and more to this incredible place we're fortunate to call home.

Owner & Executive Chef

Nikhil Abuvala

great britain-16.JPG

"My love for cooking has been with me as early as I can remember, standing in a chair rolling out fresh Indian flatbreads with my grandmother on a counter too tall for me to reach otherwise. The way she moved about the kitchen, like a general of an army commanding spices and herbs sparked a passion for food in me that is unmatched."

– Chef Nikhil Abuvala, Owner of Nanbu Noodle Bar

Growing up with an appreciation for food passed down from generations of cooks and chefs, Nikhil started his culinary career at the early age of 13. 


After launching his first restaurant concept, Roux 30a, in 2013, his award-winning business quickly grew from hosting private dining experiences that showcase different foods from around the world to catering private events, and much more.


Then came his next venture.


The concept behind Nanbu stems from a desire to not only bring that exciting, big city flair to our quaint Florida beach town, but to offer a fresh, clean, and healthy cuisine to the area. 

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